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How to Invest in Stocks - The ProblemHere's The Problem ...

Whether you are just learning how to invest in stocks or have been doing it for years, you face two major problems: The first is How do you

before they become hot stocks? You as an individual investor must rely on the news, financial advisors, tips and guesswork to decide which stocks to buy. This is a surefire way to lose money. Using such methods will only turn up stocks that everyone already knows about. By then, all the profit has gone to others.

In addition, you will only see the more expensive stocks. Most of the profits to be made in the stock market come from small cap or micro cap stocks. Yet all exchanges and screeners cut off any stocks below $5 because they are considered penny stocks.

Worse, the NYSE and AMEX cut off at $12! So you are sure to miss all the biggest gains out there. No wonder you keep losing!

Problem number two is ...

without having to spend hours (or days) reading financial statements?

Financial advisors like to tell you that it requires professional analysts hours every day sifting through financial statements trying to identify the next hot stock. That is simply not true. I have automated the anlysis and reduced it to a simple process of just a few visual steps. No math needed! It's fast, it's easy and it works.

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How to Invest In Stocks - the SolutionHere's the Solution ...

I have taken proven investment methods from some of the most famous investors of all time and built computer models that do the same work with the same results. Over 80 years of data prove what works and what doesn't. There are solutions for value investors, growth investors, and those looking for steady income. All have been proven to work over time by the world's greatest investors.

For example, there is an entire section dedicated to micro cap stocks. Special filters allow you to pull out the best of small caps ordered by qulaity of the company. You can select from a large array of undervalued stocks. Some of these strategies have risk factors lower than the stock market itself, without sacrificing profit!

Ever heard of Piotrosky's F-Score? This strategy has a history of returning over 23% per year! Compare that to the S&P at only 7%!

And if that's not enough, you get

One click returns a list of stocks that have been analyzed for top quality mangement and performance, compared to all others in the group and ordered from the highest scoring on down. Finding hot stocks has never been simpler.

Another click on the stock you want and you get a page with all the information you need. One quick glance tells you that you have found a winner. Nothing could be simpler.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Started With Stock InvestingSo Get Started Already

Outperform the market by hundreds and even thousands of times. Take advantage of strategies even Warren Buffet says he can't use but wishes he could. Every one of these strategies have been proven by the masters of the market to outperform for years at a time and yet do it with less risk than the overall market. One strategy has been shown to return over 80,000 percent in just 10 years! That's an average of over 95% compounded every year.

You are not getting any richer just sitting there; so make your move.

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I've taken proven methods used by stock market professionals and built them into simple, one-click solutions with outstanding returns. It's simple, it's fun and very profitable.

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